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Important Dates Description
October 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2018 The BTSym'18 event will be held from 2:00pm to 7:00pm.
September 30th, 2018  Call-for-papers deadline.
October 25th, 2018 Registration deadline.
The Proceedings will be published at the end of May 2019 Proceedings publication. 


The BTSym'18 organizing committee invites researchers to attend and submit papers addressing the current research topics of interest. In 2018, the event after three days in duration, on October 23rd, 24th and 25th,  at the Mackenzie University, Campinas-SP. Proceedings of the event will be published by the Springer Nature publisher through the book Proceedings of the 4th Brazilian Technology Symposium - Emerging Trends and Challenges in Technology, and will be submitted for indexing by Scopus, WoS and EI Compendex database.

This event seeks to bring together researchers, students and professionals from the industrial and academic sectors, seeking to create and/or strengthen the linkages between issues of joint interest. Participants are invited to submit research papers, case studies, articles of opinion or posters, showing studies, methodologies and results achieved in scientific level research projects, completion of course work for graduation, dissertations and theses.

The areas of knowledge covered by the event are Smart Designs, Sustainability, Inclusion, Future Technologies, IoT, Architecture and Urbanism, Computer Science, Information Science, Industrial Design, Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Civil Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval and Oceanic Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Probability and Statistics, Life Assistive, Electronic Government, Education Technologies, Difuse and Diverse Projects and Miscellaneous.  Authors are invited to submit a paper in research article, review article, case study, opinion article, poster, or short commentaries form, that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works, and industrial experiences describing significant advances.













The Brazilian Technology Symposium respectfully asks scholars and experts in BTSym areas to consider being a member of the Reviewers Committee. If you are interested or if you have someone to recommend, please send CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll have each CV carefully reviewed and select most suitable ones for BTSym. 


Organizing and Executive Committee

  • Yuzo Iano - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP - General Chair BTSym & WSGE
  • Osamu Saotome - ITA - Associate-General Chair BTSym
  • Rangel Arthur - FT/UNICAMP Vice-General Chair BTSym
  • Vania Vieira Estrela - UFF - Vice-Associate-General Chair BTSym
  • Hermes José Loschi - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP - Technical Program and Finance Chair 
  • Telmo Cardoso Lustosa - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP - Local Arrangements Chair
  • Ana Carolina Borges Monteiro LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP Registration Chair 
  • Reinaldo Padilha - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP - Proceedings Chair
  • Alysson Gomes de Oliveira - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP - Marketing Chair 
  • Douglas Aguiar do Nascimento - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP Institutional Relationship Chair 
  • Gabriel Gomes de Oliveira LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP - Vice-Institutional Relationship Chair 


Scientific and Academic Committee 

  • Osamu Saotome - ITA
  • Vania Vieira Estrela - UFF - Rio de Janeiro
  • Luiz Cézar Martini - DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • David Bianchini - PUC/Campinas
  • Luis Geraldo Pedroso Meloni - DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Saravanan ChandranDept of CSE, NIT Durgapur, WB, India
  • Ana Cláudia Seixas - PUC/Campinas
  • Cristiano Akamine - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
  • Georgius Nikolakopoulos - University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden
  • Celso Iwata Frison - PUC/Minas-Poços de Caldas
  • Luiz Vicente Figueira de Mello Filho Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
  • Guillermo Leopoldo Kemper Vásquez USMP & UNI-INICTEL
  • Lia Toledo Moreira Mota - PUC/Campinas
  • Sergey N.  Filippov - St.Petersburg Phys&Math Lyceum 239, Russia
  • Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli - DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • R. Jenice Aroma - Sri Krishna College of Technology/Coimbatore
  • Edgard Luciano Oliveira da Silva  - EST/UEA
  • Talía Simões dos Santos  FT/UNICAMP
  • Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira -  DMC/FEM/UNICAMP
  • Vlademir de Jesus Silva Oliveira  - UNEMAT/Sinop
  • Hugo Enrique Hernandez Figueroa - DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Santhanam Lakshmi - Jeppiaar SRR Engineering College, Chennai,India
  • Antônio José da Silva Neto IPRJ/UERJ
  • Bruno Sanches Masiero  - DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Marcos Antonio do Nascimento Guimarães - UNIP/CAMPINAS - JUNDIAÍ
  • Alessandra AkkariUniversidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
  • Maria Thereza de Moraes Gomes Rosa  - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
  • Angela del Pilar Flores Granados - FEA/UNICAMP
  • Paolo Bacega - Faculdade Anhanguera
  • Marcos Fernando Espindola - IFSP São Paulo
  • Navid  Razmjooy - Tafresh University, Tafresh, Iran
  • Polyane Alves Santos - Instituto Federal Da Bahia
  • Jude Hemanth - Karunya University, Coimbatore, India
  • Abdeldjalil Khelassi - Abou Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Chetouane, Algeria


Technical Reviewers Committee 

  • Adão Boava - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC
  • Ana Carolina Borges Monteiro LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Amilton Lamas PUC-Campinas
  • Agord de Matos Pinto Júnior - DESIF/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Angela del Pilar Flores Granados - FEA/UNICAMP
  • R. Jenice Aroma - Sri Krishna College of Technology/Coimbatore
  • Joaquim Marcos Santa Rita da Silva - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações
  • Alysson Gomes de Oliveira - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • José Alexandre Nalon - Centro Universitário Salesiano São Paulo - UNISAL
  • Murilo Cesar Perin Briganti - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Luigi Ciambarella Filho - Universidade Veiga de Almeida / Develop Biotechnology
  • Ingrid Araujo Sampaio - Universidade Estadual de Campinas
  • Hermes José Loschi - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Denise Helena Lombardo Ferreira - PUC Campinas
  • Daniel Rodrigues Ferraz Izario LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Mariana Carvalho - DCA/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Santhanam LakshmiJeppiaar SRR Engineering College, Chennai,India
  • Navid  RazmjooyTafresh University, Tafresh, Iran
  • Douglas Aguiar do Nascimento - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Saravanan ChandranDept of CSE, NIT Durgapur, WB, India
  • Edson José Gonçalves - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Alessandra Akkari - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
  • Polyane Alves Santos - Instituto Federal Da Bahia
  • Rangel Arthur - INOVA/FT/UNICAMP
  • Reinaldo Padilha LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Sergey N.  Filippov - St.Petersburg Phys&Math Lyceum 239, Russia
  • Kelem Christine Pereira Jordão LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Josué Marcos de Moura Cardoso - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Gabriel Gomes de Oliveira - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Giovanni Moura de Holanda - FITec - Technological Innovations, Brazil
  • Euclides Lourenço Chuma - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • José Yauri - DCA/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Anand Deshpande - KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi
  • Julío Humberto León Ruiz - LCV/DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP
  • Antônio José da Silva Neto IPRJ/UERJ
  • Abdeldjalil Khelassi - Abou Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Chetouane, Algeria 
  • Raphael Ronald - CTI (Centro de Tecnologia da Informação)
  • Raquel Jahara Lobosco - UFRJ/Macaé
  • Necesio Gomes Costa - UFRJ
  • Claudia Maria Moraes Santos - UNIVAP
  • Vitor Chaves de Oliveira - IFSP São Paulo/Mackenzie 

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